I finally was able this year to find a word to describe Mother’s Day. For me as successful Mompreneur working hard to set an example for my daughter. (Who wants nothing more to be with me spend time with me and be right on top of me at all times especially on a day when I am to be happy) I find mothers day to be a hollow holiday. I really find no joy in it being a motherless mother. (Don’t get me wrong my stepmom and the rest of my village of moms have all been a there for me big time in the last five years) This year I figured it out did what I wanted to do with this day but took till the 11 hour. It started a few weeks back when I told my husband what I was not doing for Mother’s Day weekend.  In case you were interested all of team Zang went to DC to be with friends for a party having nothing to do with Mother’s Day. So to the point what I learned this year and it took me five years to realize is this and let us start with the beginning of becoming a mother for me.

I started growing by Pilates Studio in my house in the winter of 2009 my first baby. With the encouragement of my mom and the support of my husband who might have thought I was crazy at the time. This studio turned into a successful brand and now franchise. Fast forward to 2012 my studio and my family where growing and shrinking at the same time.  We knew we wanted to have a baby so I knew the studio had to leave its very comfy home in my basement. I wanted to take a maternity leave which turned out to be almost nothing and totally insane. So July 2012 my mom’s longterm illness (that helped bring me back to central PA) became terminal and found out I was pregnant. The studio moved to a temporary space in August because my building was not going to be done on time. In December my mom passed away after hospital tour of Eastern PA and a lot of practice of being health care advocate for me. The first of many times I had to take a short leave of absence from the studio. New Year’s Eve me and my baby bump moved the studio in what is now known as the Walden location of Absolute Pilates and Barre.

Alivia was born in April of 2013 and I spent my first mothers day confused and sleepy. Mostly just wishing to call my Mom for advice about my baby girl. To this day I would love to pick up the phone and call her and I wish I had a voicemail from her like nobody’s business. I spent the next three mothers days just as off as the first one. This year was different I have spent a lot of time figuring where  I want to be in the phase of my life and working toward. I am no way their not one bit. I think five years later I found direction and peace. All it took was five years and five miles of moving meditation out for a run.

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