The “little black dress” is often the heart of a girlboss’s wardrobe. For me, it is little black leggings!

I wear my leggings to work, for a night out, to a social event. Yep, I have been known to wear leggings to the bar and always for barre.

But it also can stand as a symbol of need and used as a way to raise funds, which underlies this month’s Little Black Dress Initiative by the Junior League of Harrisburg. The Junior League is a group of community-minded women, busy empowering other girls.

Little Black Dress Initiative might sound swanky but, the initiative has little to do with fashion forwardness.

This is not a gala or Facebook party, the initiative involves participants wearing the same little black dress or my leggings for five days straight while seeking funds to support the Junior League’s many community programs.

The Initiative is wrapping I head around all resources that I need, that I might not have access to feel good about what I am doing. I normally bound into the studios with the confidence that I  have the right attire to do my job well and be comfortable doing it. Feeling prepared gives me the confidence, to push forward each day and focus on my clients and classes.

Last year was eye-opening because I found, as I was going through my daily routine, I was starting to realize the things that I take for granted every day. I went to the pediatrician with my daughter and took my grandmother out to lunch. I didn’t have to worry about being able to afford the routine checkup for my daughter. I didn’t have to worry about transportation to get my grandmothers nursing home. I just take those things for granted, that I will be able to go and do them. I did have to come up with creative ways to keep my outfit looking fresh.

I may have used Febreze and Shout Wipes. You just can not do laundry every night but if you teach an epic barre class that day you must do laundry. The same outfit did offer an opportunity for conversation with friends and clients. When you show up to work or wherever you go every day for five days [wearing the same outfit], people start asking you why especially when they know you sell leggings in your business.

I loved getting that question because it gave me the opportunity to talk about the Junior League and LBDI.

So, don’t hesitate to ask if you see someone wearing the same outfit during the week of April 23. She wants to tell you about her little black dress.

Junior League of Harrisburg’s Little Black Dress Initiative runs April 23rd to 27th. For more information or to donate, visit www.jl-hbg.com.

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