Just a short 4,000 miles from where are you can find the happiest people on the planet. They live in a bucket list location for me. Finland is the land of saunas, forests, and coffee (they are my people). With the exception of sauns because those are kryptonite to me and most people with neurological conditions. So let’s break it down based on an article reported in Tribune News and my own personal research.

Experience Nature: Get outside and have fun yes even in winter. It is probably colder there then we all live. Get outside for a walk or if snow is on the ground take advantage and do a snow sport. National Academy of Science found that being in parks reduced the blood flow to the part of your brain that is associated with negative thoughts.  Happiness can be largely feeling centered, focusing on the good happening around you and the world is more than just want is happening around you.

Chat it out: If you are a Finn or me you do it over coffee or three. They have a massive coffee culture and festivals (marking my calendar for my visit). They see coffee as a chance to have a break and relax with friends rather than being on your own. The sharing is part of the happiness that comes from coffee in this culture. A Harvard Alumni study revealed this to be true that close connections keep people happy more than money or fame.

Collaborate: When people come together and succeed they often feel a greater sense of accomplishment because they were able to work together. The greater good does really leave us with a great sense of success. Community gardens are very popular for Finns.

So is the location for the first Absolute Pilates retreat? Maybe? Who is with me lets go somewhere amazing drink some coffee and find a way to do a service project for the community.

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