Weekly Motivation 4/20

“Every day comes with great hopes and plans to achieve success. Each morning brings in a new breeze of freshness and sweeps off the ill thoughts and the negativity in us. And when it is a Monday morning, it starts a complete week of new dreams and the plan of making them come true.

If you start your day with the thought full of positivity, it is sure that you may reach the heights of success. Life is a long journey and positivity is the fuel that keeps our cart rolling till we attain the supreme goal.” 

I hope that your week is filled with positive energy- let’s make it a great one! 

I have had all the feelings in this time of quarantine and I did not put any energy into processing them. This was not the first time in my life took this route. The last time I did it took my five years to process my mom passing while I was 5 months pregnant which had all the same things feelings. Why me? Why now? Why did I deserve this? I at first thought the Corona Virus was like hurricane Katrina and 911 coming together. After a month of living this new normal for over a month. I realized the rona (as we call it around here) is like death of your best friend aka your small business. I have gone through all the same feelings and came full circle and realize this is the time to give my business CPR and I have a bunch of things I can do while I am teaching elementary school.

I am putting a month-long plan in place of things I must do to come out stronger on the other side. If you own a business and want to know what I am doing lets book some time to have a chat. If you are a current client and you want to help I have a challenge for you! If you are looking for extra health and wellness support lets book some time to chat about new offerings.

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